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IT Transformation with Waypoint.


Waypoint holds expertise in the design and implementation of classic, converged, and hyper-converged solutions that are the foundation to the data center.  Our solutions account for your current demands and provide a path to meet your needs as they change into the future.  We build with upon a Dell Technologies centered foundation and incorporate complimentary hardware and software components in a proven and economical design.


Storage continues to undergo a revolution in capability where performance and capacity have reached breakthrough marks.  The concepts of hyper-converged and software defined storage along with solid state drives and non-volatile memory provide the resources needed to support big data and analytics initiatives.  Waypoint designs and implements storage solutions across all the latest offerings and guide companies through their digital transformation.


Today’s modern workforce connects in a multitude of ways including local networks, wireless networks, remote offices, mobile devices, and cloud services. With the advent of software defined networking and the concept of micro segmentation, networking becomes more convoluted.  Security and management become overwhelming.  Waypoint’s twenty years of experience facilitates the most practical and manageable solutions for your connected workforce.   Let us help you execute a perfect wireless network or the 40GB core you’ve been eyeing.


Modern IT is expected to protect company data from threats such as security breaches and natural disasters.  Designing a highly available system requires a comprehensive program to implement the right tools and processes to ensure your data is always available to your organization. Our solutions are simple to use and simple to manage and ready even when you aren’t.