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SE LA Flood Protection Authority

Recognizing the need for a completely independent information technology (IT) infrastructure assessment, the SLFPA-E Board contracted with Waypoint Solutions, Inc., a firm specializing in IT solutions for local and state government agencies. Full story HERE.

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Data Lifecycle Management

Data Lifecycle Management – Solving the tape problem So, this one was requested. And it’s an interesting one, because it comes up a ton. A lot of you guys (my customers) have data lifecycle initiatives, and they are relatively simple. What data do you care about? The most recent copy, of course. So how long [...]

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Dell and EMC – An update

So, has everyone had enough time at the buffet of Dell+EMC news? In my extended blog posting absence, the world had changed a smidge in Dell land, and I thought it might be a good idea to discuss it. If you’ll note from my last blog, I said that IF Dell buys EMC, it would [...]

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The news of the month – All flash and merger

So King Paul (Picture below) informed me today that the weekly blog post requirement hadn't been completed in 4 weeks.  As you all can guess, I found this to be completely unacceptable!  Luckily, there's some things worth writing about this week so it worked out well.  Here we go!  After a break from our sponsor: [...]

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VMworld Announcements – Round 1

With VMworld wrapping up last week, I thought it would be a good time to do a series of posts on my thoughts on the announcements that were made last week. I know you’re super excited. The one I’m going to start with is the VMware container integration announcement. To start, let’s talk about containers. [...]

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Windows 10 – Much Ado About Nothing

So I get it, that’s kind of a bold statement from a guy who works for a Microsoft partner and sells services and such around maybe upgrading your environment to Windows 10.  Really, the point is not that Windows 10 isn’t cool – I have been using it for the last few days via [...]

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The end of Invicta – a story about flash

So last week Cisco officially announced the end of Whiptail, or Invicta if you only heard about it post-acquisition, their all flash storage option.  Honestly, Whiptail was never very interesting to me.  They were not a leading all-flash vendor when they got purchased and Cisco either never let them become one or they were not technically [...]

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Sometimes, The Cloud Brings Rain

Here at Waypoint, we leverage Office 365 for our primary services.  Email, IM, Sharepoint, CRM, all of this sits in the hallowed datacenters of Microsoft, protect by a team of thousands with hordes of Surface tablets guarding the front door.  For a company our size, it makes tons of sense.  I mean, sure, we have [...]

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Object is coming

“Object is coming” Almost as ominous as a tag line from a now-famous pay-television series.  Storage is changing in the marketplace today in some interesting ways.  At one point in time, every one aspired to have centralized, block storage.  That was the mark of the growing company.  When virtualization came along, it almost mandated that [...]

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